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The Management will ensure that Quality must be Maintained at all the Levels. The Society, therefore, has clear view in this regard to work with a Comprehensive plan to meet with the Ultimate goal of Providing good Educational Atmosphere to the Students and to Develop the Concept of one Family Dedicated for whole Development among the Management, Staff and Students.


To achieve Excellence in Education, Research, Entrepreneurship and Innovations by Creating Technical, Human Resource personnel with Values, Integrity and Credibility.

Gurukul is an educational venture envisaging to reach out to the heights of academic & human elevation. An embarkation of a journey intellectual emotional & social in nature it ...
  The School where they interact with many Teachers. Whatever deficiencies are there in the Behavior of Children, are Compensated and Corrected by Teacher in a School Complex; that is why we said, “The Parent is the First Teacher of the Child and the Teacher is the Second Parent of the child “in Modern Trends. In almost all the Schools, each Class is being taught by a Number of Teachers Who are not only differ in their Systems of Teaching in the Classrooms but also their Existence in a vast amount of Differences in the Students’ Learning. However We are the teachers in imparting the necessary instructions in the Classrooms? What Variations would be there for them, while educating the students in the classrooms? How attentive are the students in the classrooms? In all Aspects of Teaching do the Students Emphasize? These are all some in the area of Teacher Education. Everybody has to Face the Challenges in his life and accept Responsibilities Because of it is directly Related to Life for everyone. The objective of SHRI VARNEE DIGAMBER JAIN GURUKUL COLLEGE is very clear and aimed to achieve Every Potential Inherent in everybody and to do the best as well as to touch the heights of Education .Yes , We do it , We get it as well as We realize it . “Shree Varnee Digamber Jain Gurukul” has moreover than 5 acre acquired land as well as more than 1, 50,000 square feet (One Lack & Fifty Thousands sqft.) Best Built up Area with heavy R.C.C. Construction providing Best Facilities in a Natural Atmosphere in the Heart of Mahakaushal.

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